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cu take not working?

Dear all,

Thanks to your support, I now have a working
dial-in connection from one machine to another.
Both are running NetBSD 5.0 - generic kernel.
For dialing in, I am using cu; tip somehow does
not work for me. I can log in, everything is
normal (if somewhat slow).

But I am experiencing problems when I try to
transfer files. When I try to "put" a file, it
works perfectly. When I try to "take" a file,
cu just appears to hang; on my local machine,
where I try to get the file, a file with the
right name is created - but it always stays at
zero length. I have to pkill cu at the end, and
the file is never filled.

I am not mistaking the command, as I actually
CAN take and put files using Xubuntu 8.04 to
dial into the NetBSD dial-in server.

I submitted a problem report about this, but
now I would like to ask you for a workaround.
There seem to be commands like ~< and ~> to
transfer files, but I did not get them to
work. Alternatively, there seem to be pipes
like ~| and ~$ which I could use to "cat" files
to and from the target NetBSD dialin-server.

But: HOW do I do that? The manpage does not
explain this very well, and in the internet, I
only see guides explaining me how to use take
and put. I would be very grateful if you could
give me a few examples of what I have to type
in cu.

I found out some other workarounds - like,
instead of starting a terminal, I can slattach
the modem connection to sl0-interfaces, and then
I can ftp; or, I can start script before my cu
session, then cat everything I want to have,
and when I exit cu, I will have it in typescript,
where I can get it out cleanly with strings.
(Actually, this is better than scripting from
within cu, as it preserves the newlines.)
But all of this seems somewhat inelegant to me.

I want a consistent solution that will not
embarass NetBSD when I try to explain it to a
friend (i.e., saying "for transfers, we can use
~< and ~> or ~$ and ~|" instead of "~p works,
but ~t is bugged, so we..."). - All files will
be pure ASCII. Please assume in any suggestions
that both machines are running NetBSD.

Thank you in advance for your kind help.

- Nino
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