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Re: cu take not working?

>> But I am experiencing problems when I try to transfer files. When I
>> try to "put" a file, it works perfectly. When I try to "take" a file,
>> cu just appears to hang; on my local machine, where I try to get the
>> file, a file with the right name is created - but it always stays at
>> zero length. I have to pkill cu at the end, and the file is never
>> filled.

Long-time cu user here. NetBSD replaced the GNU Taylor UUCP cu
with one of its own, and not surprisingly it's a repeat of
the alpha-quality 'BSD gzip' problems all over again...

Aside from using minicom/lrzsz, the original 'and still the best' cu is
available from $PKGSRC/net/uucp

It's a fact of life that you need pkgsrc to get around problems in
NetBSD's base now.. :/

Chris Baird,, <>

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