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Re: 5.0RC4: wscons vs X conflict

On Sat, Apr 25, 2009 at 11:12:38AM +0200, Ingolf Steinbach wrote:
> Hi,
> I am trying to test the X server on my NetBSD/i386 5.0 RC4 machine. In
> preparation of that, I have generated an xorg.conf file via "Xorg
> -configure". When I start the server with this configuration, the
> graphics are displayed correctly, and I can move the pointer using the
> mouse.
> However, when I stop the server or try to change consoles (for
> instance via Ctrl-Alt-F1), the screen turns just black and remains so
> even when I switch back to the X virtual console.
> The keyboard seems to partly work: after killing the X server (ssh
> into the machine, su, kill) I can blindly type shell commands on the
> console which seem to be executed correctly but there is no display.
> Console switching works without problems as long as the X server is
> not yet startet. Also, the problem seems unrelated to ACPI (in case
> that could matter).
> Any ideas what could have gone wrong?

If the card you're using is a Rage 128 (a grep through the PCI ID database
and the ATI driver source says it is), I think I fixed that issue last week
and it's been pulled up to the netbsd-5 branch. See below:

As I mentioned in the commit there's still issues with Radeon chips, but
those aren't as severe as the r128 issues, where *no* console restore was
ever done.  The commit message might be a bit unclear in that the issue
showed up on both VT switch *and* exit from X, that's my bad, sorry..


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