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Re: Filesystem full? I've got 4.2TB free!

On Sun, 26 Apr 2009, Jukka Marin wrote:
On Sat, Apr 25, 2009 at 07:01:44PM +0100, Stephen Borrill wrote:
Yes, I am. Using gdb and single step rump_ffs, I found the offending
lines. I've commited a fix to -current and a pullup has been submitted for
netbsd-5. It will not make 5.0 though, so if anyone requires >2TB
filesystems it will be best to use a 5.0_STABLE kernel once the fix has
gone in.

Is the same problem also in 4.0?

I guess it must be, in fact theoretically it will be worse with 4.0 as Simon already fixed a bunch of such cases in rev 1.110 which _is_ in 5.0.

Oddly though, I've never bumped into the problem with 4.0_STABLE. I have a machine with identical hardware and software stack, but running 4.0_STABLE, i.e. allowing a direct 4.0 vs 5.0 comparison. I've never seen a problem with 4.0_STABLE, but it happened very quickly with 5.0 (i.e.
< 1% full).


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