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Re: Make update for updated packages

On Sat, 11 Apr 2009, Arthur Barlow wrote:

> What is the best way to "turn off" the building of upstream dependencies 
> when you "make update" a particular package?  I've noticed that Firefox3 
> has many package dependencies and building it takes forever.  I like to 
> not rebuild packages that depend on the package I'm building as most of 
> them use dynamic libraries.

That is the purpose of "make update" -- "all depending packages first get 
de-installed, then current versions of the corresponding packages get 
compiled and installed."

So don't use "make update". As for me, if it does have a dependent, I use 
"make replace" -- read the pkgsrc guide "Be careful when using this 

Also so I don't have to frequently rebuild dependencies, I use 
USE_ABI_DEPENDS=NO on several systems. Also see the pkgsrc guide about 
that as you need to be knowledgable and careful with it.

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