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Re: Samsung NC10

Mark Weinem said on 04/02/09 21:37:
Hi Chris,

I bought a Samsung NC10 last week, and I'm in the midst of transferring
all my personal files to it having installed everything I need from
pkgsrc. The only caveat is that the wired ethernet port uses a Marvell
chipset that's not used by NetBSD.

Any updates? Did you test the NC1ß with -current? If the ethernet port is still not supported I think every USB2ethernet adaptor should work. Or am I wrong about that?

I haven't tried -current, as I need the NC10 to pretty closely match my
development machine at work that's running 5.0_RC3. I don't think the
wired ethernet would work with -current, but that's not an issue for me
anyway, as I'm using wireless via the built in Atheros chipset.

Do the FN-keys, the camera and the sd card-reader work under -current?
What about the table on
are the entries for the NC10 still correct?

I haven't tried the SD reader as I don't have a card to test with, and
while the camera is recognised (dmesg attached), I haven't tried that
either. The bluetooth chipset is recognised, but I also lack any
bluetooth devices to test with. The Fn keys definitely don't work.

I mostly use the machine for developing in Java and C when I'm at home, and for internet access when I'm away. For those needs I'm finding the keyboard comfortable for extended use, and the screen size is fine.

Best, Mark



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