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Re: pkgsrc (Was: NetBSD vs. FreeBSD)

On Sun, 8 Feb 2009, wrote:

I see a lot of them, biggest being lack of proper and _COMPLETE_ documentation.
You're right that there are many cool features in pkgsrc, but most of
them are undocumented, documented poorly or in a way that makes reading
the documentation a pain. I recently used pkgsrc on HP-UX - and while
I did manage to compile quite a lot of stuff with it, it was from "excellence"
and "doing anything".

        That is definitely an issue.

To get most stuff working, I had to do a lot of tweeking, mostly by editing
files which IMHO only pkgsrc developers should know about. Some problems
were solved by setting various, totally obscure variables - usually
after getting a hint from people on #pkgsrc. When I asked "where can
I find documentantion on these magic flags", most of the time the answer
was "there's none". Having to dig thru tons of obscure files looking
for obscure flags isn't my idea of time-saving utility.

        Could you feed back some suggestions on what is missing from
        the pkgsrc guide? Even if you only list a few of the things
        that caught you it can definitely help the next person trying
        to use pkgsrc on an obscure platform.

                David/absolute       -- No hype required --

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