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questions on wedges


I am currently almost finished in setting up my NetBSD system, the
time to let users take their accounts is close. I have some space
reserved for users' presonal home directories, unallocated on the
disk. I can create a disklabel to hold the filesystem, but i am a
newcomer to bsd, and disklabels are not very sympathic to me, so i did
some research. As i see now, i have 2 chioices:
  a) stay with disklabel, most probable solution.
  b) LVM, but that needs update to -CURRENT, or some extra work
  c) wedges
I have some experience on LVM, and the great flexibility that offers,
but i'd prefer to avoid messing with the system yet, as i have some
other pending kernel/driver related issues, and i'd prefer to change
only at one place at a time. Disklabels don't seem very flexible, in
my eyes they are only a bit obscure versions of MBR. They work much
the same way from the user's view. But there are wedges. I don't see
much information on them. What are they different, what is the point
in them, in a nutshell. Why are they good, if they are, and why
should, or should not i use them?

Thanks for your advice, and with Regards:
Gergely GÃbor.

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