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Re: UPS Advice

Mike Bowie wrote:
> Diana Eichert wrote:
>> On Thu, 29 Jan 2009, Stephen Borrill wrote:
>>> I use apcupsd in network master mode which, as there is a Windows port
>>> too, means I can control a whole heterogenous server farm connected to
>>> a single UPS from a NetBSD machine.
>>> -- 
>>> Stephen
>> So I ought to be able to run apcupsd on a VMware server host system
>> and have the Virtual machines get UPS info from it?
>> thanks
> Yes, or if you have a network enabled APC device, apcupsd can act as a
> client to it's network shutdown service.
> Mike.

I actually meant to bit-bucket this and start over once my brain kicked
in.  (Sadly, habit had me hit "Send" instead.)

When it comes to VM's, in my case, it's quicker and easier to have the
host suspend all it's children, rather than shut them down.  This may
not be a good answer with a large number of child systems, if the time
required to suspend them all is greater than that to shut them down or
if the available runtime isn't that long; but in my case a suspend takes
only a few seconds.

The other benefit being that they're back online faster after the restart.


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