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Re: UPS Advice

On Thu, 29 Jan 2009, Julian Coleman wrote:
    I'm looking for a UPS for a NetBSD host. Ideally I would
like the UPS to be able to notify the load when AC power is
lost and especially when the battery charge gets low.
Ideally the load should be able to tell the UPS once the
shut-down is complete so that it can switch off its output.
In a perfect world I would like to be able to configure the
UPS not to re-power the load until the battery was charged
again.  This isn't rack mount and 700VA should about cover
it.  Does anyone have UPS recommendations?

I'll echo the APC recommendations.  I have 3 of the SMART-UPS family (the
older serial-only models).  I use NUT (pkgsrc/sysutils/ups-nut) with them
but there is also apcupsd.  They do:

 notify when switching to battery/mains
 shutdown after configurable delay
 startup after configurable % charge

I use apcupsd in network master mode which, as there is a Windows port too, means I can control a whole heterogenous server farm connected to a single UPS from a NetBSD machine.


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