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Re: Slow NFS

On Tuesday 27 January 2009 23:28:58 Rhialto wrote:
> On Tue 27 Jan 2009 at 19:05:17 +0000, 
> wrote:
> > or longer to appear on the screen. Something is very wrong with this. Any
> > ideas what it might be?
> Can you look at the number of retries by the client and the number of
> re-done requests by the server? (nfsstat -c RPC Info: retries and
> nfsstat -s Server Cache Stats: idem(potent), I think). What seems to be
> happening for me is that since NetBSD 4.0 or so, my client times out on
> lots of requests and sends them again, making the server do them twice,
> and the result is very slow and sometimes hangs for a while. I'm
> wondering if you see the same.
> -Olaf.

RPC Info:
   timeout         invalid      unexpected         retries        requests
         0               0               0               1             118

so the above shows 1 retry and 118 requests

Server Cache Stats:
inprogress            idem        non-idem          misses
         0               0               0               0

all values are zero here

The client and the server are connected to a Netgear switch. When I mount nfs 
and try to run 'find' on the mounted directory, I don't see much much traffic 
going through the switch, i.e. the green ligh does not blink. So I don't 
think it's the case of lost of requests being timed out and sent again. 
Something else seems to be happening here. I don't have any firewalls between 
the machines.

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