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Help compiling Wine


I'm working on compiling Wine on NetBSD. I've taken a look at the
port, and used a few of those patches for the compile, as well as
submitted a couple bugs upstream. I'm trying to fix the compile in
dlls/iphlpapi/ipstats.c (Wine bug 16931 -

Currently, there are two problems:
A) configure isn't picking up HAVE_NETINST_*
B) RTF_MULTICAST isn't available on NetBSD

The ports patch
tries to work around this by disabling a lot of it's functionality.
There is a similar patch for OpenBSD that actually works
(, but again, it's a

Back on topic, I'd like to fix this properly in Wine. I've taken a
stab at, seems that /usr/include/netinst/'s layout is quite different
on NetBSD than Linux. Wine's configure script isn't picking up a lot
of these:
checking for netinet/ip.h... no
checking for net/if.h... yes
checking for net/if_arp.h... yes
checking for net/if_dl.h... yes
checking for net/if_types.h... yes
checking for net/route.h... yes
checking for netinet/if_ether.h... no
checking for netinet/in_pcb.h... no
checking for netinet/ip_icmp.h... no
checking for netinet/ip_var.h... yes
checking for netinet/udp.h... yes
checking for netipx/ipx.h... no
checking for netinet/tcp_var.h... no
checking for netinet/udp_var.h... yes
checking for netinet/icmp_var.h... no
checking for netinet/tcp_timer.h... yes

I've hacked away on it, getting configure to recognize them, but then
building wine just has more cryptic errors, mostly about undefined
structs, etc. Adjusting the includes in that file to match configure
helps on a couple of them, but not most (I don't have those results
handy, I'll send them when I get a chance).

On to the more relevant question. Does anyone have a project utilizing
these headers that builds properly? I could use that to probably get a
more accurate build script going.


P.S., Please CC me on any replies, I'm not subscribe to netbsd-users.

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