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Re: Help compiling Wine

On Thu, Jan 15, 2009 at 5:02 PM, Austin English 
<> wrote:
> Howdy,
> I'm working on compiling Wine on NetBSD. I've taken a look at the
> port, and used a few of those patches for the compile, as well as
> submitted a couple bugs upstream. I'm trying to fix the compile in
> dlls/iphlpapi/ipstats.c (Wine bug 16931 -
> Currently, there are two problems:
> A) configure isn't picking up HAVE_NETINST_*
> B) RTF_MULTICAST isn't available on NetBSD
> The ports patch
> (
> tries to work around this by disabling a lot of it's functionality.
> There is a similar patch for OpenBSD that actually works
> (, but again, it's a
> hack.
> Back on topic, I'd like to fix this properly in Wine. I've taken a
> stab at, seems that /usr/include/netinst/'s layout is quite different
> on NetBSD than Linux. Wine's configure script isn't picking up a lot
> of these:
> checking for netinet/ip.h... no
> checking for net/if.h... yes
> checking for net/if_arp.h... yes
> checking for net/if_dl.h... yes
> checking for net/if_types.h... yes
> checking for net/route.h... yes
> checking for netinet/if_ether.h... no
> checking for netinet/in_pcb.h... no
> checking for netinet/ip_icmp.h... no
> checking for netinet/ip_var.h... yes
> checking for netinet/udp.h... yes
> checking for netipx/ipx.h... no
> checking for netinet/tcp_var.h... no
> checking for netinet/udp_var.h... yes
> checking for netinet/icmp_var.h... no
> checking for netinet/tcp_timer.h... yes
> I've hacked away on it, getting configure to recognize them, but then
> building wine just has more cryptic errors, mostly about undefined
> structs, etc. Adjusting the includes in that file to match configure
> helps on a couple of them, but not most (I don't have those results
> handy, I'll send them when I get a chance).
> On to the more relevant question. Does anyone have a project utilizing
> these headers that builds properly? I could use that to probably get a
> more accurate build script going.

Can you just install emulators/wine with pkgsrc?

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