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Xfree --> Xorg cookbook?

Has anyone written a step-by-step "cookbook" for upgrading X? I'm especially interested in things like:

        1. What other files (like man.conf?) need to be updated to point
           to the new directories.  Do I need to do anything special in
           /etc/rc.conf to make it start Xorg instead of Xfree?

        2. What are all the various X config files that need to be
           moved from the old directories?  Are there any new config
           files that need to be created?

        3. Are there any special considerations or things in those
           config files that need to be editted?

        4. Other than /usr/X11R6, what else should I delete when
           finished with the upgrade?

        5. Any "gotchas" to watch out for in users' ~/.xsession files?

Since -current is now switched to Xorg by default, I guess it's time for me to upgrade. But it's been so many years since I've actually done an X install, I'm totally certain that I don't even know what (or where) all the various files are. I vaguely remember /etc/X11/XF86config and then there's a file somewhere that describes the xserver and its transports, ...

I know that this is not a voyage to "where no man has gone before," but it sure would be nice if one of those pioneers has actually recorded it all in the captain's log!

TIA   :-)

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