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Re: More vmare questions

Eric d'Alibut <> wrote:

> 1. Is anybody routinely making vmware images of NetBSD releases?

I don't think so. I could, I suppose, in my Copious Spare Time, if there
was demand.

> 2. Is there another virtualization tool that has captured the
> imagination and energy of NetBSD users?


Some interest too in VirtualBox ( which is free
and mostly open source ... but doesn't actually *work* with the *BSDs.
(Register corruptions reportedly; I've not investigated other than to
note tar faults when I attempt installations of NetBSD.)

VitualBox does work well enough to run Linux reliably, and I use a Linux
virtual machine to run Cisco's VPN software to connect to my day job,
including running rdesktop to connect to a Vista host running VMware
which has a selection of guest operating systems.  (Fast hardware
is recommended in all cases. :-)

> 3. Has anyone put up a open-vm-tools FAQ or How-To?

Not me, for sure.

> Mandatory full disclosure: Lord knows I am not an attorney; these are
> my own braindead questions and opinions; I could be wrong.

I didn't finish law school; I think my brain is alive; I've not made a
self-detected error since yesterday.  But this is my first email of the
day and I haven't had coffee so there's plenty of scope to be wrong yet!


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