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Re: HP Compaq DL385 with Smart Array 6/i

 I have ran into this before, and I could not find a solution.
The only solution I have is to run FreeBSD on it. They run FreeBSD
4.x 6.x and 7.x very well. wrote: wrote:
On Oct 1, 2008, at 3:24 PM, 
wrote: wrote:

We've tried installing NetBSD 4.0 on 2 HP Compaq DL385 with single and dual CPU configuration and the Smart Array 6/i controller. The obvious
problem that occur is that the I/O towards the controller/disk is

Even the installer writes -stalled- while installing/copying the
NetBSD base to the disk.

We've tried both NetBSD 4.0 i386 and amd64, and we've even tried
NetBSD current amd64 (during the summer), but it's the same symptom on
all versions.

Has anybody else seen this problem before? are there any fixes or
workarounds available?


Hi Fredrik,

The power management on many of the Compaq DL series is terrible - to get NetBSD to boot you'll need to disable kernel support for ACPI. The installer in -current allows you to select a non-ACPI kernel from a menu, but for NetBSD 4.0
I can't remember the magic incantation that boots with ACPI disabled.
Oh...we haven't tried that one yet (though now that you mention it, it's something that has been suggested to solve other problems then running NetBSD on specific H/W.)
Thanks for the pointer. I'll try that as soon as I get time over.


I'll be interested to know if this solves your problem as I've got a DL385
that's about to be decommissioned (it runs Linux at the moment, but I'd like to
repurpose it as a development machine with NetBSD on it). I came across the
ACPI issue when I installed NetBSD on the older DL360 series - the install
kernel would boot, but I couldn't access the disks, which sounds exactly like
the problem you've been having. With ACPI support disabled, everything works
fine, including APM.



]Mark Saad[

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