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Re: Manually creating slices

John Nemeth wrote:

} gpt: unable to open device 'rld0d': no such file or directory

     I'm not sure what version of NetBSD you're using, but the release
versions don't have drvctl in the GENERIC kernel, which is needed for
gpt.  Can you type 'drvctl -p ld0' and show the output, please?

I'm using NetBSD 4.0 stable. drvctl -p ld0 gives me an error (/dev/drvctl: no such file or directory), but that's probably because it's not in the kernel, like you said. I managed to figure out how to use an MBR partition by using Linux to do the initial partitioning, followed by disklabel in NetBSD, so I don't need to pursue GPT any further. Just out of curiosity though, will future releases of NetBSD support the gpt utility without requiring a custom kernel?

I'm running newfs on the root filesystem now, so we'll see how it goes 8-) Thanks again for all the help!

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