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acpi setup ?

Hi i have an IBM t60P machine
And i have acpi enabled in the kernel.
it detects when i open and close the lid.
but it doesnt do anything, i surfed around a bit
but is unsure about how to make it do something
with the detection.

I look at sysctl machdep.sleep_state, and tried to set that
manually. then it suspended ( machdep.sleep_state=3 )(it fell completely
silent and the moon led lit up.)
it seemed to work but i couldnt get it to start up again.
I pressed fn-key which caused harddisk and cd to spin up, but nothing
further happened, my screen didnt come up again.

Where and how do i specify what to do.?
something called acpi.conf or the like
do i need to set something in rc.conf ?


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