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Re: IP aliasing

Jasper Wallace wrote:
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On Wed, 18 Jun 2008, DAve wrote:

Good morning,

I have been told by my Network Administrator that we will be changing IP
blocks for several key services very soon. I have three new DNS servers
running NetBSD on the new IP block already. I also have two legacy DNS servers
(also on NetBSD) that I need to drag along behind me for a few more months.

My new IP block is 65.124.104.X and my old IP block is 65.196.224.X. Is it
possible to have a single machine answer for both IPs on a single interface?
The network Gods claim they can route the traffic to me no problem, but I am
unsure how to configure the alias for the interface.

Old address:

New address:

Is it even possible to alias the old address with the new gateway?

you can have both ip's on the same interface with:

ifconfig intX inet
ifconfig intX inet alias

As for the default routes:

Depends on what your trying to do - i think you're going to have to talk to your local network guys - if the machines that are trying to reach the old ip's are reachable via the new gateway (and the new gateway won't be confused by packets coming from old ip's coming in on it's new ip interface[1]). Then just set the default route to the new gatway and be done with it.

And this worked fine, I used the new default IP and the networks folks took care of routing the old IP properly. No issues. Thanks everyone.


There is no straight forward way on NetBSD to have two default routes, but if the set of machines that want to talk to the old ip's is known then you can add routes to just them via the old gateway with:

route add -net oldmachinesnetblock/mask

The other way is to use ipf 'fastroute' rule to shift the packets around manually, something like:

pass out on intX fastroute intX : from to any

(You'll need to test that carefully, i may have the syntax wrong. Tcpdump is your friend, run it from a machine other than the server your testing, so you can see what going on on the wire, oh, and consider pf as well, (look for the 'route-to' option)).

[1] I am making assumptions about your network setup here, they may be wrong.

Don't tell me I'm driving the cart!

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