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NetBSD and iPod touch?


disclaimer: I have no experience with Apple products, hardware nor software.

So, I've been "lucky" and just won an iPod Touch.  I don't have it yet, but
it should arrive with the mail somewhat soon.  In the meantime I've read
that you need iTunes software to be able to use it, but I don't run Mac OSX
nor Windows at home.  Is there a way to use an iPod Touch with NetBSD?

As I prefer an mp3-player that I can simply "mount" and copy mp3 files to,
I considered Rockbox[1] (which I've happily been running on my iriver H10),
but it doesn't seem to support the iPod touch yet...

Any other options?  Otherwise I think I'll just give it to someone else or
sell it on eBay. :-)


[1] Rockbox is an open source alternative firmware
    for several different mp3 players - good stuff!

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