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SATA Raid Controller


i`m looking forward to build a fileserver with a raid5 storage running

I`ve looked over the hardware compat list to find any suitable card
supporting at least four sata2 drives but the listed hardware is
somewhat old which makes me wonder if there are newer cards also beeing
known to work with current?

Advice would be appreciated as my personal experience with hardware
raid controllers is nearly non existent and i desire to avoid problems
related to crappy or badly supported hardware.

My candidates are for now:
* Promise FT-TX4650 (see eg netbsd-users:20070622162340.GA6504)
* Adaptec 2420SA (supported now? see netbsd-users:20061006121247.GB2800)

Onboard cache would be nice and price should not exceed 300euros...

Any suggestions/tipps?


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