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Re: Binding to an Active Directory

Thanks much Chuck,

Here is what I did:

installed the 2008Q1 pkgsrc

cd /usr/pkgsrc/net/samba

export PKG_DEFAULT_OPTIONS='ads cups winbind'
(worked okay)
make install

Then I followed the instructions in the Samba guide for configuring Kerberos and Samba, and got to the point where I could join to the domain, and use the samba commands:

net ads users           and     wbinfo -u
net ads groups          and     wbinfo -g

to see users and groups, but despite setting up nsswitch as described, it didn't seem to want to show me domain users via:

getent passwd [username]

I tried everything I could think of, read the logs (seeing no errors), and in a fit of frustration I eventually used ktrace to see what the heck was going on. The answer is that getent (and by extension, probably everything using nsswitch via libc) was looking for /usr/lib/ (and couldn't find it where make install put it under /usr/pkg/lib).

Now, at this point getent works as expected, and I can chown files to domain users and groups that don't have local entries (with proper UID/GID <---> SID mapping options in smb.conf).

So, it's been a long (and fruitful) day. I do have a couple more questions though...

1) I was poking around, and I can't find any evidence that was ever built. Are there any flags I have to add to build the PAM module for authenticating users (incoming ssh sessions, console logins, etc...) against Winbind?

2) I noticed a couple of odd things with binding to the AD server:
a) It binds okay, but only if I supply a username and password of a domain admin. How do I get it to bind at every boot with no manual interaction? b) The binding seems to time out eventually, such that if I bind the machine, then run a "net ads user" for instance to show users, it works. If I leave it alone for (say) an hour, and try another identical "net ads user" it times out. *bleah*.

In the interest of full disclosure, this machine is separated from the AD by a [fairly dumb] NAT. The other upshot of this is that I don't see netbios packets, so when I bind, I have to:

kinit username%DOMAIN.COM@localhost
net ads join -U username%DOMAIN.COM@localhost -S dns_name.of.ad_server

I hope that my experiences provide some insight for others, and that I may continue to gather insight from others.


At 05:16 PM 4/28/2008, Chuck Swiger wrote:
Lars Friend wrote:
Hello All,
I was wondering if anybody knows of a comprehensive document explaining what steps need to be taken under NetBSD (I'm using 3.1 for the time being) to bind to an Active Directory server.

You want Samba:


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