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Binding to an Active Directory

Hello All,

I was wondering if anybody knows of a comprehensive document explaining what steps need to be taken under NetBSD (I'm using 3.1 for the time being) to bind to an Active Directory server. The goal being to have users able to log in both at the console and via ssh using their domain credentials. Since this is a conversion, not a new installation, it will be important to preserve existing User ID's. There are several site-specific procedures to be followed on that for the moment (although I may eventually script them) preclude automatically creating UNIX accounts to match the domain accounts.

I saw a little bit about this on the archives, but what I am missing is the basic pieces (where to start, what to pull out of pkgsrc, and what to build from original source), and possibly some background / extra-reading information so I can gain a deeper understanding of what it is that I am trying to accomplish, and what variations/parameters/flexibility exists.

Any experiences, insight, or pointers to documentation would be much appreciated.


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