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Re: cdplay and no audio ("Jeremy C. Reed") writes:

>cdplay won't work for me. No audio. (mplayer and ogg123 and audioplay all 
>work for audio for me.)

Normally cdplay just tells the drive to act as an audio player,
the drive needs to be connected (some cable) to some mixer input
and the mixer has to be configured to send that input to the speakers.
With a laptop the cabling is probably given, leaving the mixer
configuration. Check for,

>I also use "digital" from interactive mode and it shows:
>digital xfer:   to /dev/sound (5 frames per wakeup, 0.33330s period)
>(and then doesn't show the left and right volumes.)

digital mode should work like cdparanoia but maybe not as good.
I also get the failed scsi commands (on a Thinkpad).

>Also, how come cdplay status will show it is playing and you can hear the 
>CDROM hardware after "cdplay play" without "write" permission?

The ioctl probably doesn't check for write permission.

                                Michael van Elst
                                "A potential Snark may lurk in every tree."

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