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Re: Auto power-off w/o APM/ACPI?

On Jul 13,  6:24am, wrote:
} I recently upgraded to the 2/9/08 4.0 snapshot (was 4.0 formal) to get
} better uhub support on my Thinkpad T23 docked in a Dock II docking station.
} The USB hub on the Dock II now gets properly probed and configured as long
} as I _don't_ have APM enabled in the kernel.  Probing/configuring does work
} with ACPI but then I get other problems, namely dmesg errors and loss of
} the screen blanking F3 key.  The only real issue I have with not having APM
} enabled is the inability to pass the "-p" option to 'shutdown' - an
} annoyance when wanting the system to auto power-off after running a lengthy
} process overnight.  Is there some way to enable the auto-off feature w/o

     No.  Without APM or ACPI there is no way for software to initiate
a powerdown.

}-- End of excerpt from

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