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Re: getent with winbindd

Ingbert Meyer schrieb:
Hi all,

is there anybody, who can tell me, how I can make '/usr/bin/getent' work with nss_winbind ? winbindd seems to work, since I get a list of domainusers with 'wbinfo -u'.
when i try 'getent passwd'   there's only the list of local users.
I attached a ktrace-output, where one can see, that is found and opened, but getent doesn't even try to use it. The same happens (or doesn't happen), if I make a small C-Programm with only getpwent() in it.

On the other hand, if I put
passwd: files ldap

into /etc/nsswitch.conf I can see with ktrace,
that getent tries to lookup users via ldap (only my ldap setup doesnt work yet).

NetBSD is NetBSD 4.0 and samba is Version 3.0.26a, most configuration files are attached.



If its of interest for someone:
it was a flaw in the samba Makefile, so that the netbsd_getpw* functions
   were not compiled in.

   I filed a problem report with the id pkg/38076.




I. Meyer

meyer datasystems
Schluesselbergstr. 8/2.Stck
81673 Muenchen
Tel: +49 89 22846106
Mobil: +49 162 4726634

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