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Re: Auto power-off w/o APM/ACPI?

John Nemeth wrote:
On Jul 13,  6:24am, wrote:
} I recently upgraded to the 2/9/08 4.0 snapshot (was 4.0 formal) to get
} better uhub support on my Thinkpad T23 docked in a Dock II docking station.
} The USB hub on the Dock II now gets properly probed and configured as long
} as I _don't_ have APM enabled in the kernel.  Probing/configuring does work
} with ACPI but then I get other problems, namely dmesg errors and loss of
} the screen blanking F3 key.  The only real issue I have with not having APM
} enabled is the inability to pass the "-p" option to 'shutdown' - an
} annoyance when wanting the system to auto power-off after running a lengthy
} process overnight.  Is there some way to enable the auto-off feature w/o

     No.  Without APM or ACPI there is no way for software to initiate
a powerdown.

}-- End of excerpt from

Sorry for the delayed reply - was away.

So, I'm wondering what it is about the USB bus being the only thing not seen on the docking station. Is it because they're powered ports? The USB ports on the laptop get probed regardless of APM being enabled.


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