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Re: Need help w/ binary emulation

Greg Troxel wrote:
  Now I have a problem allocating shared memory segments. The problem
  appears to come from the fact that SHMMNI is incorrectly reported as

  How do programs in Linux emulation discover system parameters such as this?

They look in /proc, which you should have mounted with the linux option
in the emul root, and they make system calls.  ktrace is the way forward

Ok - so I have a ktrace/kdump of a session that crashes. Don't want to post it here because it's kinda big. Here's the error on stderr...

process:8140, U_smm_semaget(), udt_semget() error, errno:28.
Exit: smm: cannot allocate semaphore for udtno 0 errno 28

... what do I look for in the kdump?


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