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Re:NetBSD Driver upgrade

You can take the source code for that card and compile
it under netbsd. Also, netbsd is seemingly (my
opinion) faster.

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Date: Fri Jan 11 14:40:38 PST 2008
From: David Dudley <>
Subject: NetBSD Driver upgrade

I'm working on engineering and development of a
project and need a little advise:

1. My application is for industrial networking and
control systems, using embedded hardware (currently
developing applications on a Soekris Net5501 card,
with Argonne National Labs EPICS control software).  I
picked NetBSD because it was supported on so many
different hardware platforms, and therefore seemed a
better candidate for use if a different piece of
hardware was used in the future.  From the list of
products it supports, it seems probable that anything
I might end up using, NetBSD would be most likely to
be able to run on.

There seems to be some concern as to whether FreeBSD,
NetBSD, or Linux is a better choice in this situation.
 I discount Linux totally, because I don't see it as
being flexible enough for this application, and I can
only count on limited amounts of resources in the
target system, and Linux definitely isn't a 'small'
system.  I would consider NetBSD to be a better choice
for this, but can I get some opinions on this choice?

2. Due to the sensitive nature of these systems (I'm
working on the Municipal Water Supply system right
now, but the Natural Gas system is probably the next
candidate), we fall under Public Safety jurisdiction,
and have therefore been instructed to attempt to use
the 4.9 Ghz public Safety band.

Ubiquiti networks has developed the SuperRange-4
networking card that uses that frequency band, but it
is based on the AR5414 chipset, which is not currently
supported by NetBSD.

Are there any plans in the near future to upgrade the
NetBSD driver to support this chipset?  The FreeBSD
driver already supports it, which is a plus in that
column, but for flexibility I can put a plus in the
NetBSD column, which equalizes the field.  If there
are plans in the works for re-importing the driver
from Free, which is what was done previously, I can
still put a plus in 'Net's column, which puts Net out
in front, again.

Any opinions or suggestions?

David Dudley
City of Corpus Christi

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