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Shell hangs while accessing to an USB pendrive

Hi everybody:

I got my shell frozen while performing these steps:

1. Mounting my USB pendrive:
    mount_msdos /dev/sd0e /mnt/usb

2. Accessing to the pendrive:
    cd /mnt/usb
    cd my_files

3. I want to create some directory:
   mkdir /mnt/usb/directory

The shell hangs there!
I can press keys in the keyboards and I get the echo of the pressed
keys, but pressing CTRL-C just returns a ^C message, trying to kill
the "mkdir /mnt/usb/directory" process from another shell returns an
"Operation not permitted" and looking into the
/var/log/messages file, nothing wrong seems to happen.

Do you thing this problem is related to:

My environment is:
  NetBSD-current (20080111)



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