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Issue 120 of the NetBSD CVS Digest is out

This issue:

conversion of ppc, evbppc, sbmips, amiga and atari ports to timecounter. [Joerg Sonnenberger]

Add timecounter support for sbmips machines and Broadcom SiByte CPUs. From Joerg. [Simon Burge]

Merge the bouyer-xeni386 branch [Manuel Bouyer]

Add timecounter support to amiga. From Joerg. [Michael L. Hitch]

Add sparse kernel core dump ("minidump") support for i386, written by Jed Davis for Coyote Point. [Thor Lancelot Simon]

Add gcscpcib(4): a driver for the AMD CS5535 and CS5536 Companion Device that acts as PCI-ISA bridge and supports a Timecounter, Watchdog Timer and GPIO. From OpenBSD [Juan Romero Pardines]

Remove support for NetBSD/pc532. [Simon Burge]


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