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Re: hardware for file server

Dieter Baron wrote:

I'm in the process of building a file server.  It will be accessed
from 2-3 single-user hosts (NetBSD and Windows) via gigabit ethernet,
serving videos, audio, and be used for document and archvie storage.
Also, it will serve one or two ISCSI targets.

  I intend to use 4 750gb hard disks with a raid 5 volume on them.

  Since this is my first file server, I would appreciate advice on
what kind of hardware I need:

- what kind of CPU, at what speed
- how much RAM
- hardware raid or raidframe
- anything else I should look out for

  Also, should I use dedicated partitions as backing store for the
ISCSI targets, or are files just as good?

  Which file system type (and what parameters) would you recommend?

thanks in advance,

You know  about BAARF, right ;)


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