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grub vs RAIDFrame mirrored disks?

I'm wanting to set up Xen running over a disk mirrored with RAIDFrame.
I'm confident that Xen DomUs will boot fine once the host is up and
running, however I am not sure how best to set up the disk for the
initial host boot into Xen and the NetBSD Dom0.

I'd like to have everything encapsulated by the RAID1 device, but
can GRUB work out where on disk the Xen kernel is and how would I
tell Xen that the NetBSD kernel is available via the RAID disk?

Is there any documentation on setups of this type?  The brief howto
on the netbsd site was enough to let me understand the steps in
bootup, but I've tended just to use the netbsd bootstrap code and
am completely unfamiliar with grub and there is no mention of RAID
setups either ...


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