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Re: Looking for various wifi hardware

from Martin Husemann:

> On Thu, Oct 28, 2021 at 02:00:23PM +0100, Chavdar Ivanov wrote:
> > > This page points to the
> > > page, which shows

> > > hg clone
> > After I got it, I tried to build kernel and modules; the modules build
> > failed in some usb-based module; I then tried just to build a kernel
> > (all that after 'hg up wifi' reported some 260 modified files). The
> > failure was in  src-draft/sys/dev/ic/an.c and the error messages all

> Not all drivers have been converted yet (else we would quickly merge
> the branch ;-})
> The wiki page cited by Patrick above says "not ready for general testing",
> and that is true.

> But:

> has instructions what you need to exclude from evbarm kernels, I guess
> I should add the similar list from the SEVEN_WIFI kernel config and instead
> switch over to use GENERIC for testing on amd64 too.

I have a an MSI MPOWER motherboard from 2013 with onboard Atheros 9271 wireless adapter, and it does not work with NetBSD-current, though it worked undependably with NetBSD-current at times in the past.

Now it causes NetBSD-current boot to hang unless I boot -c and disable athn.

I suspect it may be due to something in the more general kernel infrastructure rather than the athn driver per se.

FreeBSD does not support this wi-fi at all.


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