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Re: Rust, pkgsrc


bch wrote:
The latest rust (1.30?) supporting the latest Firefox is *brutal* to build. I’ve blown (and then resized) /tmp multiple times, and am now exhausted on /usr for its build artifacts, before it’s even actually installed.

Does anybody have tips or tricks for dealing with rust-building (which has always been terribly painful CPU-wise), or should I just move to prebuilt packages? I think I’ve never seen a piece of software as horrible to build as rust...

it is terrible and I am very sorry our beloved Firefox was gone that way. It is making non-mainstreambuilds very difficult.

I have issues with it not only on NetBSD, but also on Gentoo Linux.

are you on 32bit or 64bit? The former has more issues!
second, playing with binutils helped me out on Linux.. older version worked and the latest one worked too, but there was a series that did not.

Also, RAM helps... more than 2GB seems to make thhings friendlier, 1.5GB is about the limit.


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