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Re: Rust, pkgsrc

On 05/11/2018 16:34, bch wrote:
The latest rust (1.30?) supporting the latest Firefox is *brutal* to build. I’ve blown (and then resized) /tmp multiple times, and am now exhausted on /usr for its build artifacts, before it’s even actually installed.

Does anybody have tips or tricks for dealing with rust-building (which has always been terribly painful CPU-wise), or should I just move to prebuilt packages? I think I’ve never seen a piece of software as horrible to build as rust...

If you are on x86 and have access to a bigger system for building on have you considered running pbulk in a chroot environment or using pkg_comp. I've save myself a lot of time on my x86 systems by doing all the builds on a relatively well specced system and then just installing binary packages on the smaller ones.

Do you use MAKEJOBS on your pkgsrc builds? If you do then add MAKE_JOBS_SAFE=no to the rust package Makefile.

Without that I've found that make ends up spawning multiple rustc processes each of which internally then spawn even more threads causing ridiculous cpu overcommit. If you aren't using it and you are on a small system I don't know what to suggest. Even with that tweak compiling rust on a 4core (8 threads) 4GHz 64bit CPU with 16GB of RAM is still painfully slow and ends up maxing out the CPU for most of the build.



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