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Re: distribution failure for evbarm

"compiled for earmv7hf" is just some text that NetBSD adds in to
binaries it builds, it doesn't need to be meaningful.

the "EABI5" part must be correct, but file doesn't try to distinguish
more than "ARMv1" and "EABI5" (it doesn't make sense to try harder, you
can write code to do v7 and v5 in the same binary).

If you use gcc -S it can tell you more about the type of code it
generated, e.g. for evbarm:

~/arm/tooldir.NetBSD-8.99.21-amd64/bin/arm--netbsdelf-eabi-gcc -S test.c
cat test.s
	.cpu arm926ej-s
	.fpu softvfp

Changing the actual triplets is probably a bad idea because the
decisions are embedded in a lot of configure scripts in random third
party code.
But perhaps we need to rename things so no users end up using it by

the biggest issue with using evbarm is that it's soft float and you have
an FPU you can take advantage of.

You can adjust the list of kernels built in src/etc/etc.evbarm.

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