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Re: Travel router part 2

On 05/09/2018 14:59, D'Arcy Cain wrote:
On 2018-09-05 08:03 AM, Roy Marples wrote:
and have a named configured to use the forwarders in
/etc/namedb/forwarders.  Whatever the ISP dhcp gives me is stuffed into
the forwarders and used as last resort.  This has been a robust solution
for many open wireless access points.

Since NetBSD-6, dhclient-script has shipped with resolvconf(8) support
that will do that for you.

Do you run dhclient if you have PPPOE set up?  Once the interface is up
I already have an IP address so what does dhclient do?

Note that the router is also the DHCP server so it also has static IPs
on the internal interfaces.  At some point I will add a second wifi card
to connect to campground wifi or tether to my phone.  At that point
dhclient will probably be set up to talk to that second wifi since it
will replace the PPPOE connection.

I don't use dhclient :)

When I last looked into this, I had pppoe and dhcpcd running at the same time, always up. Both fed their dns info into resolvconf(8) which then configured the results as unbound(8) forwarders.

You can tell resolvconf which interfaces take priority over others.
You might need to tell dhcpcd to use the desination as the default route and prefer the pppoe interface via metrics if the default isn't to your liking. dhcpcd will support resolvconf without any changes, but our pppoe isn't so friendly and you do need to call it yourself via the up and down actions.

Doing it like so, I don't have to manually do anything other than connect to a wireless point or plug an ethernet cable in once the system is booted.

As the world moves forward, I would encorage using dhcpcd just because it will also handle DHCPv6 prefix delegation should you need that. You can do it with dhclient as well ...... but it needs an awful lot of hand holding to work well.


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