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Re: Travel router part 2

On Sun, Sep 02, 2018 at 11:55:58AM -0400, D'Arcy Cain wrote:
> Any thoughts on picking up the DNS servers?  It's not too bad because my
> DHCP server can be modified as needed so it is only one location and in
> any case I always include Google's public servers.

I have found that DNS can be problematic when travelling, some places
force you through their DNS regardless and do all sorts of lossage.
what I do on my laptop is run a local named and configure forwarders to
the DNS provided so I can override some of the random lossage.  I have a
dhclient (yeah, old habits..) enter script that does:

restore_resolv_conf() {
        # We don't want /etc/resolv.conf changed
        # So this is an empty function
        return 0

make_resolv_conf() {
        if [ -f /etc/namedb/forwarders ]
                mv /etc/namedb/forwarders /etc/namedb/forwarders.old

        printf "forwarders { " > /etc/namedb/forwarders
        for nameserver in $new_domain_name_servers
                printf "%s; " ${nameserver} >> /etc/namedb/forwarders
        echo "};" >> /etc/namedb/forwarders
        echo "forward only;" >> /etc/namedb/forwarders

        pkill -HUP named
        return 0

and have a named configured to use the forwarders in
/etc/namedb/forwarders.  Whatever the ISP dhcp gives me is stuffed into
the forwarders and used as last resort.  This has been a robust solution
for many open wireless access points.

Brett Lymn
Let go, or be dragged - Zen proverb.

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