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Re: Travel router part 2

D'Arcy Cain <> wrote:
>Some of you may remember that I was trying to set up a NetBSD machine to
>do all of my routing in my trailer while we travel.  I hit a snag when
>it turned out that my computer didn't have enough slots.  I now have a
>HP 6300.  It is still tight on slots but it has three and that's all I
>need for now.  Here are the assignments.
> - wm0: The onboard ethernet
> - re0: The add-on ethernet card
> - athn0: First wifi card
> - athn1: Second wifi card - not actually installed yet.
>The idea is to use re0 as my DSL connection and later to use athn1 in
>the campgrounds as I travel.  Here is the relevant portion of my rc.conf.

Maybe use wm0 as the external interface.

If you are useing pppoe(4) to connect to the ISP then you may want to
set the MTU of the ethernet device to 1508 so that you get an MTU of
1500 on the pppoe tunnel.

>When the system connects to the provider the pppoe0 interface gets an IP
>address.  However, it doesn't add it to the routing table.  Shouldn't
>that happen automatically?  In this case I have a static IP and I can
>just add it manually but I won't always have that.  How can I pull this
>information out of the above?

In /etc/ppp/ip-up I have:

#! /bin/sh
/sbin/route add default $5

/etc/ppp/ip-down is:

#! /bin/sh
/sbin/route delete default $5

I do have one extra line in ip-up to set the IPv6 default route but I
have native IPv6 from the ISP so your configuration may need to be

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