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Re: agr issue in netbsd-7

On Mon, Aug 17, 2015 at 09:01:17AM +0200, Havard Eidnes wrote:
> > On Thu, Jul 30, 2015 at 10:25:36PM +0200, Havard Eidnes wrote:
> >> > I tried to configure a port channel (agr0).
> >> > When I configure the port channel only with bnx0 or only with bnx1
> >> > everything works. If I use bnx0 and bnx1, the Cisco switch sets one of
> >> > the two links to suspended mode.
> >>
> >> If I'm not terribly mistaken, the problem is that both physical
> >> interfaces are supposed to pick one of the ethernet addresses and use
> >> it as the source MAC for all the traffic passed on the aggregate
> >> logical interface.  Apparently, the bnx driver in NetBSD doesn't (yet)
> >> have the ability to change the source MAC address.
> >
> > you should be able to change it manually with ifconfig (or put the
> > appropriate commands in /etc/ifconfig.bnx*) so that both use the same address.
> > I've done this in the past and it worked.
> Really?  OK, I may have to test that again.  But why doesn't that
> happen automatically?  On another host I run an agr0 interface over a
> wm0/wm1 combination, and I don't have to tweak anything manually wrt.
> MAC addresses to make that work.

because there's 2 different interfaces to change the active MAC address:
SIOCINITIFADDR (with AF_LINK) and SIOCALIFADDR. agr uses the former, but
it's not supported by all interfaces. ifconfig uses the later.

agr should probably be fixed to use the later too, but I've never
had the time to look at it deeper.

Manuel Bouyer <>
     NetBSD: 26 ans d'experience feront toujours la difference

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