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Re: agr issue in netbsd-7

> I tried to configure a port channel (agr0).
> When I configure the port channel only with bnx0 or only with bnx1
> everything works. If I use bnx0 and bnx1, the Cisco switch sets one of
> the two links to suspended mode.

If I'm not terribly mistaken, the problem is that both physical
interfaces are supposed to pick one of the ethernet addresses and use
it as the source MAC for all the traffic passed on the aggregate
logical interface.  Apparently, the bnx driver in NetBSD doesn't (yet)
have the ability to change the source MAC address.

> Partner's information:
>                   LACP port                        Admin  Oper   Port Port
> Port Flags Priority Dev ID Age key Key Number State
> Gi7/44 SA 32768 0019.b9b0.f145 14s 0x0 0xD0 0x1 0x3D
> Gi7/46 SA 32768 0019.b9b0.f143 14s 0x0 0xD0 0x4 0xD
> Maybe the problem is the device ID. I think the device ID should be
> the same for all ports in a port channel.

Yep, I think that's correct.


- Håvard

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