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Re: Permission problems and questions on 7.99.1 and 7.0_BETA

On Wed, Aug 20, 2014 at 02:17:25AM -0700, Thomas Mueller wrote:
 > I notice strange problems not being able to run things like mpop,
 > msmtp, or even man as nonroot because of "Permission denied" on
 > trying to create temporary file.
 > Has anybody else noticed it?  Problem was not present on NetBSD
 > 6.99.44 amd64 and i386.

No. Nobody else has noticed it. You broke something; but we can't tell
what or why because you don't report what goes wrong accurately, don't
answer questions intended to help diagnose your problems, and don't
follow advice people offer to help sort things out but instead do
other random things leading to further problems and don't state
clearly what you did.

At this point I'm unwilling to even offer suggestions because of the
likelihood of being blamed for whatever happens when you don't follow

David A. Holland

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