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Re: Building PCC for "tools" is broken (missing symbol __USE)- PCC bug or NetBSD source tree error?

On Wed, 16 Jul 2014, William D. Jones wrote:

> I'm afraid that I am cross-compiling from a Linux system, and as to not
> contaminate my source tree, I wanted  to create a "tools" version of PCC that
> can be used to compile the rest of the tree. However, if your source tree does
> not have __USE (Google says you are a PCC developer), then it's probable that
> NetBSDs version of PCC is simply out of date.

it certainly is. I think I remember that __USE() now, it was a local
(NetBSD) addition due to a set but unused variable, which is changed in
upstream versions now

> I have a separate compiler (GCC) on my host machine as well... I can skip
> HAVE_PCC for now and just have the distribution ship PCC, or I can try an
> EXTERNAL_TOOLCHAIN. The latter is not trivial, since I have to create a
> cross-PCC. But I want to see JUST how much software PCC is capable of
> compiling. For example, will it compile most untarred source trees and GNU
> autoconfed trees I throw at it on the 486 without problem? The NetBSD source
> tree is a good test for this.

It does handle most of the NetBSD source tree lately, the main problems
currently are things which GCC accepts (or encourages) which are not
supported. Personally, I think it would be good for PCC to be able to
build GCC, perhaps that would be enough compatibility.

I have not tried application sources (eg pkgsrc) due to lack of time.

> As an aside, is it possible for PCC to reliably build the first stage of
> GCC <= 4.7.3?

I am not sure, but it may not.. predictably the GCC developers use GCC
language features within their code, and these are not always supported. I
have been concentrating on other things lately and have not tried to build
GCC with PCC. At least I know that the binutils we have in tree won't
build, as there is an unsupported feature which causes an error (restrict
keyword in array declaration)


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