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Re: Building PCC for "tools" is broken (missing symbol __USE)- PCC bug or NetBSD source tree error?

On Wed, 16 Jul 2014, wrote:

> To free some space, I plan to rebuild and replace GCC with a PCC-built
> source tree (this should also speed up compilation, which is horrific on
> a 486, as some of you might remember :)...).

If you could manage without gcc entirely, not building that would save a
lot of time -- but pcc cannot yet compile all of NetBSD so you do need
another compiler available. I don't know how much time you save by using
pcc to build the parts that it can do, that is not something I have worked

> According to the following mailing list post:
> the way to build a version of PCC in the "tools" directory is to set the
> HAVE_PCC variable in either MAKECONF or the command line. Incidentally,
> this will also build GCC in tools since it appears HAVE_GCC must also be
> set or ./ will choke. Likewise, to build only PCC for
> distribution, I need to set MKPCC=yes, and MKGCC=no (the other
> environment variables for PCC are not required).

that post is still mostly accurate, though some of the other compiler
options may have changed

  MKPCC=yes  # build pcc in the distribution

  HAVE_PCC=  # build/use a tool version of pcc

but because it cannot build everything, I have not tried to fix the build
system to allow it to do that.

> gcc_compat.c:(.text+0xb6f): undefined reference to `__USE'

I haven't seen this, I don't think __USE appears in my sources

> According to this build failure in Oct 2013:
> this error of missing symbol __USE is not unheard of in other parts of
> the source tree, but I'm unsure what it entails. I wanted to know
> whether a developer or someone who has experience building with PCC can
> tell me the nature of this error/a potential workaround before I file a
> problem report with NetBSD or PCC? Is PCC out of date because it has not
> been used by others to compile recently?

To be honest, I don't keep up with -current as often as I would like, so
my NetBSD source may be a couple of months old.. I do work with the latest
PCC, which I update locally all the time and there doesn't seem much gain
in continually importing changes to NetBSD. The last version is two years
old though so I would like to do that again shortly, as Ragge has beaten
down the bug lists once again.

I *fully* recommend using the latest pcc before looking too deeply into
any errors. You can use the native pcc configure script and build system
(installs to /usr/local) or the lang/pcc-current package (might not always
be latest but its easy to change the date -- I just updated it)


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