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Re: options DIAGNOSTIC

David Holland <> writes:

> Yeah, they should all get set back to "cheap". There was a while when
> DIAGNOSTIC became expensive, and some but not all of the descriptions
> were changed to reflect that, but it was wrong and so they should all
> be switched back...
> There are still some that say expensive; theoretically we should wait
> for people who know about the platforms involved (evbarm, evbmips,
> evbppc, evbsh3, ews4800mips, hpcsh, hppa, ia64, iyonix, playstation2,
> sgimips) to confirm that DIAGNOSTIC is not in fact expensive on those.

Or, we can adjust the comments anyway and treat any slowdown that causes
someone to reasonably not want DIAGNOSTIC enabled as a bug.  A
microbenchmark suite would probably be useful here, with a wrapper to
compute %slowdown.

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