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Re: ARM ABI changes/combinations (was Re: Preparation for creating netbsd-7 branch)

(Please keep me on the cc: when replying, otherwise we get 24-hour lags such as this waiting for me to check list mail again)

On 7/23/14, 12:10 PM, Alan Barrett wrote:
On Wed, 23 Jul 2014, Jeff Rizzo wrote:
Attached is the proposed diff to with the changes, including hpcarm -> MACHINE_ARCH=earmv4 .

This patch introduces many cases in which the same MACHINE/MACHINE_ARCH pair is listed under more than one ALIAS. I don't see the point of that.

To forestall complaints of the form, "the name I used to use no longer works, and it's not clear what new one I should use."

Aliases are primarily useful as a shorthand for people who run, and such people can be expected to adapt to changed alias names or changed defaults, without needing both old and new alias names to refer to identical MACHINE/MACHINE_ARCH pairs.

OK, aliases are also usable with kver(8) from pkgsrc/devel/libkver, which contains a cut and pasted copy of the part of that deals with MACHINE/MACHINE_ARCH/ALIAS parsing, but kver uses are so specialised that I don't think we need backward compatible aliases there either.

For example, in this list ...

-MACHINE=evbarm        MACHINE_ARCH=arm ALIAS=evbarm-el    DEFAULT
-MACHINE=evbarm        MACHINE_ARCH=armeb    ALIAS=evbarm-eb
+MACHINE=evbarm        MACHINE_ARCH=arm    ALIAS=evboarm-el
+MACHINE=evbarm        MACHINE_ARCH=armeb    ALIAS=evboarm-eb
+MACHINE=evbarm        MACHINE_ARCH=earm    ALIAS=evbarm-el DEFAULT
MACHINE=evbarm        MACHINE_ARCH=earm    ALIAS=evbearm-el
+MACHINE=evbarm        MACHINE_ARCH=earmeb    ALIAS=evbarm-eb
MACHINE=evbarm        MACHINE_ARCH=earmeb    ALIAS=evbearm-eb
+MACHINE=evbarm        MACHINE_ARCH=earmhf    ALIAS=evbarmhf-el
MACHINE=evbarm        MACHINE_ARCH=earmhf    ALIAS=evbearmhf-el
+MACHINE=evbarm        MACHINE_ARCH=earmhfeb ALIAS=evbarmhf-eb
MACHINE=evbarm        MACHINE_ARCH=earmhfeb ALIAS=evbearmhf-eb
+MACHINE=evbarm        MACHINE_ARCH=earmv4    ALIAS=evbarmv4-el
MACHINE=evbarm        MACHINE_ARCH=earmv4    ALIAS=evbearmv4-el
+MACHINE=evbarm        MACHINE_ARCH=earmv4eb ALIAS=evbarmv4-eb
MACHINE=evbarm        MACHINE_ARCH=earmv4eb ALIAS=evbearmv4-eb
+MACHINE=evbarm        MACHINE_ARCH=earmv5    ALIAS=evbarmv5-el
MACHINE=evbarm        MACHINE_ARCH=earmv5    ALIAS=evbearmv5-el
+MACHINE=evbarm        MACHINE_ARCH=earmv5eb ALIAS=evbarmv5-eb
MACHINE=evbarm        MACHINE_ARCH=earmv5eb ALIAS=evbearmv5-eb
+MACHINE=evbarm        MACHINE_ARCH=earmv6    ALIAS=evbarmv6-el
MACHINE=evbarm        MACHINE_ARCH=earmv6    ALIAS=evbearmv6-el
+MACHINE=evbarm        MACHINE_ARCH=earmv6hf ALIAS=evbarmv6hf-el
MACHINE=evbarm        MACHINE_ARCH=earmv6hf ALIAS=evbearmv6hf-el
+MACHINE=evbarm        MACHINE_ARCH=earmv6eb ALIAS=evbarmv6-eb
MACHINE=evbarm        MACHINE_ARCH=earmv6eb ALIAS=evbearmv6-eb
+MACHINE=evbarm        MACHINE_ARCH=earmv6hfeb ALIAS=evbarmv6hf-eb
MACHINE=evbarm        MACHINE_ARCH=earmv6hfeb ALIAS=evbearmv6hf-eb
+MACHINE=evbarm        MACHINE_ARCH=earmv7    ALIAS=evbarmv7-el
MACHINE=evbarm        MACHINE_ARCH=earmv7    ALIAS=evbearmv7-el
+MACHINE=evbarm        MACHINE_ARCH=earmv7eb ALIAS=evbarmv7-eb
MACHINE=evbarm        MACHINE_ARCH=earmv7eb ALIAS=evbearmv7-eb
+MACHINE=evbarm        MACHINE_ARCH=earmv7hf ALIAS=evbarmv7hf-el
MACHINE=evbarm        MACHINE_ARCH=earmv7hf ALIAS=evbearmv7hf-el
+MACHINE=evbarm        MACHINE_ARCH=earmv7hfeb ALIAS=evbarmv7hf-eb
MACHINE=evbarm        MACHINE_ARCH=earmv7hfeb ALIAS=evbearmv7hf-eb

... I'd keep the new ALIAS=evbearm* and remove the old ALIAS=evbarm*
lines, not provide both.

This ^^^ is actually why I have two aliase, because I personally would keep the evbarm* style ones (since that's the port name) while removing the evbearm* style ones, now that earm is the default.

That said, if people don't care about aliases, I can remove them.

--apb (Alan Barrett)


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