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Re: Preparation for creating netbsd-7 branch

On 07/21/14 10:25, Izumi Tsutsui wrote:
skrll@ wrote:

On 07/21/14 06:49, Izumi Tsutsui wrote:
matt@ wrote:

For the next release, core/releng should decide per current implementation:
- how the default userland MACHINE_ARCH should be deteremined
What do you mean by default?
"What (and how) MACHINE_ARCH should releng (binary builders) specify
   for each arm port on NetBSD 7.0 release?"
Personally, I hope we'll see builds for most (probably no need for v[67]
sf) MACHINE_ARCH values. As matt said the RPI needs all the help it can
get :)
releng already says we don't have enough resources.

Really? Where did releng say that?

IMO, non-earm ABI builds should be dropped in favour of earm and a subset of evbarm earm variants should be made available.

Something ( can document each evbarm board to the correct MACHINE_ARCH variant based could then be provided. already contains useful information here

zoom$ grep earm /usr/src/
MACHINE=cats            MACHINE_ARCH=earmv4     ALIAS=ecats
MACHINE=evbarm          MACHINE_ARCH=earm       ALIAS=evbearm-el
MACHINE=evbarm          MACHINE_ARCH=earmeb     ALIAS=evbearm-eb
MACHINE=evbarm          MACHINE_ARCH=earmhf     ALIAS=evbearmhf-el
MACHINE=evbarm          MACHINE_ARCH=earmhfeb   ALIAS=evbearmhf-eb
MACHINE=evbarm          MACHINE_ARCH=earmv4     ALIAS=evbearmv4-el
MACHINE=evbarm          MACHINE_ARCH=earmv4eb   ALIAS=evbearmv4-eb
MACHINE=evbarm          MACHINE_ARCH=earmv5     ALIAS=evbearmv5-el
MACHINE=evbarm          MACHINE_ARCH=earmv5eb   ALIAS=evbearmv5-eb
MACHINE=evbarm          MACHINE_ARCH=earmv6     ALIAS=evbearmv6-el
MACHINE=evbarm          MACHINE_ARCH=earmv6hf   ALIAS=evbearmv6hf-el
MACHINE=evbarm          MACHINE_ARCH=earmv6eb   ALIAS=evbearmv6-eb
MACHINE=evbarm          MACHINE_ARCH=earmv6hfeb ALIAS=evbearmv6hf-eb
MACHINE=evbarm          MACHINE_ARCH=earmv7     ALIAS=evbearmv7-el
MACHINE=evbarm          MACHINE_ARCH=earmv7eb   ALIAS=evbearmv7-eb
MACHINE=evbarm          MACHINE_ARCH=earmv7hf   ALIAS=evbearmv7hf-el
MACHINE=evbarm          MACHINE_ARCH=earmv7hfeb ALIAS=evbearmv7hf-eb
MACHINE=hpcarm          MACHINE_ARCH=earm       ALIAS=hpcearm
MACHINE=iyonix          MACHINE_ARCH=earm       ALIAS=eiyonix
MACHINE=netwinder       MACHINE_ARCH=earmv4     ALIAS=enetwinder
MACHINE=shark           MACHINE_ARCH=earmv4     ALIAS=eshark
MACHINE=zaurus          MACHINE_ARCH=earm       ALIAS=ezaurus

The evbarm board information can be derived from

Building all arm ports for acorn32 compatibility is madness.

- how to handle migration from old ABI to new one on sysinst
In essence, this is no different from upgrading an i386 userland to an amd64 
So, your answer is
"We will never prepare such upgrade path"
I don't know how you got from Matt's statement to your question. I think
there are solutions here.

There is no upgrade path from i386 to amd64 in sysinst.
(we only had a.out to ELF)

Someone(tm) needs to add it. SMOP, right?


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