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Re: ARM ABI changes/combinations (was Re: Preparation for creating netbsd-7 branch)

On Tue, 22 Jul 2014, Robert Swindells wrote:
I would prefer hpcarm to switch to MACHINE_ARCH=earmv4

Currently, would reject that as invalid.  It knows the
following MACHINE/MACHINE_ARCH settings for hpcarm:

MACHINE=hpcarm          MACHINE_ARCH=arm        DEFAULT
MACHINE=hpcarm          MACHINE_ARCH=earm       ALIAS=hpcearm

If you want earmv4 to be the default, you could change those lines,
perhaps to something like:

MACHINE=hpcarm          MACHINE_ARCH=arm        ALIAS=hpcarm-old
MACHINE=hpcarm          MACHINE_ARCH=earm       ALIAS=hpcearm
MACHINE=hpcarm          MACHINE_ARCH=earmv4     ALIAS=hpcearmv4 DEFAULT

The MACHINE_ARCH tagged "DEFAULT" is used if you run with "-m MACHINE" and without "-a MACHINE_ARCH". The "ALIAS" is usable as a shorthand, where running with "-m ALIAS" implies "-m MACHINE -a MACHINE_ARCH".

--apb (Alan Barrett)

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