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Re: Add Firmware images to INSTALL kernels

Just wanted to check in re: adding a patch for INSTALL kernels:

It appears the last time the install images were updated was to add Raspberry Pi functionality to unstable. With NetBSD 7.0 on the horizon, are there plans to add the RPI kernel to the stable release for 7.0. If so, I can imagine others who choose to use NetBSD on their Model A's (and specifically Model A, which has no onboard Ethernet) finding an unpleasant surprise when they realize they can't install the sets over the network! Adding the firmware to list did fix this problem.

Now while my use case is in particular for the Model A, I can imagine other people needing such functionality for boards without onboard networking. But if the firmware isn't needed, I imagine it should be left out to conserve resources/space. Is there a suggested method to adding the firmware images to the "list" and "mtree.conf" files that checks whether a evbarm install kernel may need firmware on a device or user basis (i.e. RPI Model A will most likely need the firmware, on Model B, it's not essential)?

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On Sun, Jul 13, 2014 at 10:20:46PM +0000, wrote:

*I altered both "mtree.conf" to add the libdata subtree, and "lists"
to tell ./ to copy the firmware: > COPY

That sounds correct - if it works for you, can you please send a diff -u ?
This should be changed in the main tree (and maybe extended to other


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